At EYOLF, we take your confidentiality seriously, especially given the sensitive nature of the work that you do. This page describes some of the additional practises we take specifically with government and law-enforcement related contracts, on top of the comprehensive privacy policies we follow for all of our customers, which can be found here.

Although we have made an extensive effort to detail all of the steps we take to ensure that your information remains private, if you have any further questions, please contact your EYOLF representative, and we will assist as soon as possible.

This page is still a work in progress

Additionally, we do not use Google Analytics on Complex Terrain, and do not store your inquiries on our shared web hosting provider. When you send an email using this website ( or, your information is transmitted using industry-standard encryption to our web host Hostnet B.V., a Netherlands-based hosting provider (whose privacy policy can be found here, and who are bound by the European General Data Protection Regulation), who then immediately send an email to us using a service provided by Mailgun Technologies, Inc. (whose privacy policy can be found here), an email provider based in the United States of America, which has servers administered by Inc, in both the United States of America and the European Union.

Neither Hostnet B.V. nor Mailgun Technologies, Inc. store your inquiries for any longer than is needed to transfer them to our email inboxes, which are hosted by Google LLC as part of GSuite by Google Cloud. GSuite by Google Cloud comes with strict safeguards which prevent the unauthorized access of emails by either affiliates of Google LLC or unauthorized third parties. We regularly ensure that no unauthorized access has been gained to our email accounts, and have automated measures in place to alert us of any intrusions. In the event that an unauthorized attempt is successful against our mail accounts, we will take every measure possible to ascertain what was accessed and to inform you of any potential breach.

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